Crossing Cultures with Confidence – A Masterclass for Diplomats

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Crossing Cultures with Confidence – A Masterclass for Diplomats

Duration of the course

3 hours

Course Content

The course is designed to help you develop a cultural framework for understanding attitudes and
behaviours in your international counterparts. The training is based on the intuition that improved
understanding of cultural orientations will allow you to maximise international collaboration,
strengthen group performance, and enhance coordination.

This intensive course is designed for those working in the Diplomatic Corps and for ambitious senior
managers in various ministries who are now facing greater cultural challenges in both local and
international roles.


This course is as much about new thinking as about techniques. It is designed to enhance your understanding of the fundamentals of intercultural communication and communications styles, of cultural orientations and differences, of one’s own culture, one’s organisation cultures and how these impact behaviour in a multicultural setting.

About the Instructor

Livingston Thompson

Livingstone Thompson, PhD
Linkedin Profile

Livingstone brings a wealth of knowledge and skills in intercultural dialogue, diversity management and conflict resolution. He has worked with a variety of companies delivering training in cultural competence and leading global virtual teams. For example, he has designed and delivered training focused on cultural competence for top managers at Leading Hotels of the World Ltd. (specifically the five-star Marker Hotel) and the Maldron Hotels, Ireland’s largest hotel group. Through the California-based global consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, Livingstone has delivered training focused on leading global virtual teams to managers of the Germany-based electric utility service provider E.ON International. He also developed the diversity and inclusion training manual and workbook for the Malta Tourism Authority, currently being used by tourism organisations throughout the island-country. He also delivers workshops in cultural competence for tourism organisations in Malta, Ireland and the Caribbean.

Course Level


Total Length

3 Hours


22 July


11:00 am to
2:00 pm CEST

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