Design Thinking and Doing Diversity

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Design Thinking and Doing Diversity

Duration of the course

9 hours

Course Content

This 9-hours hands-on training will help you to understand and apply the principles of Design
Thinking, introduced by experienced service designers and facilitators working in the field.

Currently as other designers: we can’t wait to influence the shape of the new normal. We hear a lot of hopes about more sustainable directions for public and private business but also a lot of fears about the economical crisis coming.

What will happen next? How can we build sustainable projects focused on diversity?

Join us if are you curious to look with us at various signals of
change, insights from various industries and learn how to develop/re-shape your project with
service design thinking?

Together, we will dive deeper into 6 selected tools applied in various stages of the innovation process as well as practice competences that will enable you to facilitate the design thinking process in your environment.

The course will be divided into 3 online sessions (3h each). We will work in a plenary session and
small groups, using videoconferencing software of Zoom.


  • Work on one of the services or projects related to diversity in post-pandemic reality:
    how will it impact the way we live diversity?
  • Understand the needs of your end-users with tools of ethnographic user-research
    (observations, interviews)
  • Analyze the collected data and turn challenges into opportunities
  • How to boost your creativity and break the blocks you/your team face for structured
    idea generation (divergence/convergence tools)
  • How to go into early and fast prototyping, as well as testing methods that will help
    you reduce risks and accelerate organizational learning. This is especially
    important if you are responsible for the introduction of new products/services in
    your organization/team.

Training methods

  • DT toolbox: user-research techniques, co-creation, generating ideas, prototyping, testing
  • Peer-learning
  • Experiential learning

About the Instructors

Linkedin Profile

Doing not talking!

Magdalena Jakubowska

I am a human-centered designer with 18 years of experience in the consulting
industry. Skilled in Customer Experience Design, Service Design, Research and Business Insights.

Since 2017 I run my own Service Design Agency in Luxembourg (Art Square Lab) where we combine
creativity, research and technology to design innovative services in the public and private sectors.
Working as a passionate facilitator of group and individual learning, I support teams in developing design
skills and attitudes useful to build and transform the customer-centric culture of their organization.

I pay attention to building an honest and comfortable working atmosphere for individuals and teams where
they can step out of their comfort zones, enjoy authentic meeting with others and transform their
intuitions into a value proposition.

Piotr Gawel

I am an experienced learning process facilitator, passionate about creativity, innovation and human-centered design. Working mainly in Poland & Luxembourg as a service designer in the public and private
sectors, I focus on user-experience and customer-centricity using Design Thinking and Agile mindsets.

I have cooperated with many NGOs in Europe as a trainer and coordinator of projects focused on
sustainability, social inclusion and social innovation.

Course Level


Total Length

9 Hours


27, 29 July and 4 August


9:00 am to
12:00 pm CEST

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