Racism Today: Its Emergence, Causes and Consequences

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Racism Today: Its Emergence, Causes and Consequences

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There is a lot of talk about racism today, but have you really grasped why and when it emerged as an issue for society? If faced with making a decision about a racial incident, how would you analyze it and what would be your response to a claim? Can individuals ever take cover in saying, “it was not intended”, if their words or actions are received or seen as being racist?

The Master Class is designed to create a safe, respectful space to approach perspectives and deepen the discussion about racism. Is an opportunity to surface and engage the points of view of victims, observers, unintended supporters, and perpetrators. Participants will be invited to reflect on power and privilege, and to ponder the importance of not just talking about racism but more so about being intentionally and consciously antiracist.


  • Define “race” and racism and discuss racism as a feature of diversity
  • Locate the historical emergence of racism; racism in the context of legislation
  • Define the racial arithmetic and a racial incident; determine appropriate actions to respond to racial incidents

Training Methods

  • During this workshop, participants will interact in small groups and actions plans to implement their learning.

About the Instructor

Livingston Thompson

Linkedin Profile

Experienced diversity and inclusion trainer with specialisms in cross-cultural interactions, cultural competence training, and relocation coaching and training. Member of the Racial and Equality Sub-Group of The Executive Office, he brings a wealth of knowledge and skills in intercultural communication and dialogue, diversity management, and conflict resolution. In over thirty years he has traveled to over 55 countries. From this extensive experience, he brings both common sense and critical learning to the areas of intercultural communication, cultural competence training, and diversity management. He was recognized by Belfast Homecoming as cultural ambassador for Belfast in 2018. He is Chair of the African and Caribbean Support Organisation, Northern Ireland, and director of the training consultancy Living Cultural Solutions Ltd.

Course Length

3 Hours


July 22nd


11:00 am to
2:00 pm CEST


€ 180.00

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