The MAGIC Model of Transcultural Learning

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The MAGIC Model of Transcultural Learning

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A famous quote from Edward T. Hall starts out with “Culture hides more than what it reveals…” Indeed it is true. Learning how culture impacts our interactions can sometimes feel like following a magician to work out the “tricks.” In this masterclass, Tobias Grünfelder will introduce the “MAGIC Model of Transcultural Learning” and he will talk about how to use magic to explore the world of cross-cultural interactions. Magic opens minds and shifts perspectives. The participants will learn how to think like a magician and will learn a few magic tricks to amaze people across cultures. The concept of transculturality with the focus on relations and commonalities across cultures opens up a new understanding of our complex world and is helpful for people who live and work across cultures. To sum it up, this masterclass combines the “MAGIC Model of Transcultural Learning” with magic tricks and invites you to think like a magician.


  • What can we learn from magic to understand human interactions? 
  • Learn how to think like a magician and how to use magic as a tool to connect people
  • What are the key assumptions about the “MAGIC Model of Transcultural Learning”? 
  • Magical thinking is based on a constructivist understanding and the power of storytelling

Training methods

  • Live magic and input
  • Group work
  • Discussions
  • Hands-on creation of your own “MAGIC” tricks

About the Instructor

Tobias Grünfelder

Tobias Grünfelder
Linkedin Profile

Tobias Grünfelder is a magician, PhD student and lecturer at the chair of Institutional Economics at Zeppelin University’s Leadership Excellence Institute (LEIZ) in Germany. His research focus on transcultural management studies aims at understanding the conditions and determinants of productive transcultural cooperation, focusing on the related organisational and individual learning processes. In addition to his research, Tobias works as a diversity trainer and magician. In cooperation with the German embassy and the Goethe-Institute he has travelled to various countries as a “magical ambassador” to promote transcultural understanding. Feel free to check out his Tedx Talk about “The MAGIC of Transculturality – Working Across Cultures”: 


Course Length

3 Hours


December 1st, 2021


3:00 pm to
6:00 pm CEST


€ 180.00

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