Why Mentoring Matters: Building Mentoring into Your DEI Strategy

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Why Mentoring Matters: Building Mentoring into Your DEI Strategy

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In the last year, there has been a revitalized global dialogue on diversity and inclusion. Organizations are renewing their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion commitments and efforts, making it more important than ever for organizations to recruit, retain, and engage diverse talent.  Mentoring can be a powerful tool and strategy to fostering inclusive organizations with cultures of belonging. Mentoring increases employee resilience, supports talent development, and can repair the “broken rung”, ensuring underrepresented talent has support for promotion and advancement.  

Mentorship programs also strengthen organizational intelligence and build capacity. In this Master Class, renowned Leadership Development Consultant, Tamara Thorpe, will share her research on the impact of mentoring, discuss the ideal environment for mentoring and sponsorship, and share strategies for creating mentoring programs in the workplace.


  • Understand the potential for mentoring in increasing diversity, equity and inclusion. 
  • Learn good practices for forming mentoring relationships across differences with reciprocity and mutuality.
  • Develop a plan for integrating and implementing mentoring into your DEI strategy and organization.

Training methods

  • During this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to interact in small groups, share stories, and set goals and actions plans to implement their learning.

About the Instructor

Tamara Thorpe

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Tamara is best known as the Millennials Mentor, and is a recognized thought-leader in next generation leadership. She is the founder of Real Leadership, a dynamic approach to leadership and compassionate approach to leadership, creating culturally smart and inclusive leaders. She has mentored and coached professionals from across the globe sharing her expertise in leadership development, understanding difference, and intergenerational collaboration. Tamara developed her first leadership program at the age of 15 and hasn’t looked back. That bold and audacious act has turned into a lifetime of leadership lessons that she shares with innovative and influential Millennials all over the world – from Brazil to Canada, France to Northern Ireland and across the United States.

Course Length

3 Hours


July 16th


3:00 pm to
6:00 pm CEST


€ 180.00

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