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Summer Academy 2020




When the topic is completely new for you and you’d love to explore it more.



You have a lot of knowledge and experience but still eager to challenge yourself.



When you already have some experience in the field and want to dig deeper into a topic.



Discuss and learn from top facilitators from across the world.


Explorer Level 

Growth mindset and positive thinking are useful, however this course has a very different take on the topic. It is interactive, practical, uncomplicated and full of tools...

Esta crisis ha dado un volantazo en nuestras vidas, forzándonos a ser personas más creativas y más digitales.De un día a otro nos hemos hecho virtuales, pero aún falta conectar…

In this course, you will develop a balanced vision of West Africa, away from the clichés shared by Western media and learn how to approach West African culture...

Durante el  curso veremos por qué es importante tener una Marca Personal definida y diferenciadora los/as docentes, facilitadores/as y consultores/as.

El curso consistirá en las principales similitudes y diferencias entre los países en desarrollo más rápidos en el Área Asia Pacífico, China y Corea del Sur. Comprobaremos sus culturas, sus…


Astronaut Level 

This course will introduce you to innovative blended approaches to modern learning, underpinned by an ADDIE method of instructional design and ...

The Mindfuck is for brave individuals, leaders and organizations or for those who need a bit of bravery. It is where Cultural Intelligence and Leadership meet and mix...

Learn how to incorporate psychological safety and psychological wellbeing into your personal and professional life.


Moonwalker Level

Nos encanta nuestro trabajo y creemos profundamente que la competencia intercultural es uno de los superpoderes de nuestros tiempos. Después de muchos años de experiencia...

This 9-hours hands-on training will help you to understand and apply the principles of Design Thinking, introduced by experienced service designers and facilitators working in the field.


Masterclass Level 

Whether we want it or not, stereotypes and biases are a part of our life. In this workshop, we will uncover why and how biases come into existence and how…

The course is designed to help you understand why you think the way you think, what your biases may be, how to recognize systemic oppression and how to enact sustainable…

The way we present ourselves in a virtual context is crucial. Let's work together on our digital body presence to understand how to deliver an IMPACTFUL virtual keynote!

The course is designed to help you develop a cultural framework for understanding attitudes and behaviours in your international counterparts.


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