Architecting Intercultural Learning for the Modern Learner

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Architecting Intercultural Learning for the Modern Learner

Duration of the course

9 hours

Course Content

Building intercultural skills in the 21st century, where face-to-face workshops are being increasingly
replaced by learning technologies, is challenging. The Modern Learner is time-poor, constantly distracted
and very selective when it comes to highly-tailored and high-quality content.

Creating a customized, immersive intercultural learning experience that’s mobile, instant and in a micro-format requires innovation, imagination and tools that help to make it happen.

This course will introduce you to innovative blended approaches to modern learning, underpinned by an
ADDIE method of instructional design and the latest research from the neuroscience of learning.

You will learn how new learning technologies and a brain-friendly approach to learning can improve
intercultural competence, accelerate learning and maximize the transfer of learning to the workplace.

You will explore a unique combination of technological tools and human interaction that creates a
collaborative learning environment and delivers a memorable experience. You will also develop a better
understanding of how technology and psychology are used to motivate different types of learners and how
it supports immediate applications of learning to the workplace.


  • Follow the ADDIE model in order to effectively analyze, design, develop, implement and evaluate their
    intercultural training programmes that suit the modern learner
  • Apply various adult learning theories and instructional design methods to accelerate intercultural learning in a face-to-face & virtual classroom (i.e. Kolb, Blooms, Meier)
  • Use the insights from neuroscience to boost the effectiveness of learning
  • Enhance their own approach to intercultural consultancy and training in ways that are practical, informed
    by the latest trends and impactful for clients & learners

Training methods

  • Interactive group work and discussions
  • Scenario-based activities
  • Hands-on design followed by reflective practice

About the Instructor

Gabriela Weglowska

Gabriela Weglowska
Linkedin Profile

“Facilitating learning is an art, designing it is a science.” – Gabriela Weglowska
As a learning architect, my mission is to help intercultural consultants & trainers to design, develop and
deliver a practical, thoughtfully structured and impactful blended learning experience, fit for the modern

Gabriela is an experienced Learning & Development practitioner and a passionate Interculturalist. She
has expertise in designing, developing and delivering face to face and virtual, intercultural training
programmes for the “modern learner”.

Gabriela works as Intercultural Skills Consultant & Trainer at Learnlight, and Associate Lecturer in
Intercultural Business Communication & Marketing at Surrey University.

She also serves on the Board of SIETAR UK, fulfilling the role of Communications Director and managing
BOOST – Intercultural Career Mentoring Programme, where she participates as a Career Coach.
Gabriela holds an MA in Intercultural Business Communication, CIPD Diploma in Learning & Development
and a Diploma in Coaching. She is licensed to deliver The International Profiler (TIP) and Cultural
Intelligence (CQ) psychometric tools.

Gabriela was born in Poland, lives in the UK since 2007, is married to a Colombian and collaborates with
multicultural teams globally.

Course Level


Total Length

9 Hours


24, 29, 31 July


10:00 am to
1:00 pm CEST

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