Generative AI for DEI Trainers

What this course is about?

Generative AI offers fascinating opportunities to increase trainers’ efficiency and create better, more engaging, and personalized texts, images, and training materials. At the same time, AI has some inherent limitations and risks and amplifies biases and stereotypes. Understanding the full potential of AI will help you to use AI responsibly.

We will explore the potentials of generative AI with concrete and directly applicable Use cases, which are relevant in the field of DEI and you will develop skills in creating, analysing, and modifying AI-generated content.

❖ Date: 19. & 26.02.2024
❖ Time: From 6 to 9 pm CEST
❖ Duration: 2×3 hours

Feb 19th _ Modul #1: Title Generative AI fundamentals & Text-Generation

You will …

  • Gain a basic understanding of how generative AI works, how it can be used productively and how it should not be used
  • Explore the key functions of ChatGPT with concrete Use cases
  • Use AI to summarise texts, create and adapt Case studies, get inspirations and different perspectives, create AI personas, adapt training materials to different target groups
  • Create your own GPT Bots for recurring tasks

Feb 26th _ Modul #2:  & Image Generation with AI

You will …

  • Create more inclusive texts by analysing biases, stereotypes and non-inclusive language with AI
  • Use AI to support neurodivergent thinkers
  • Learn to create photorealistic images and illustrations
  • Understand biases and stereotypes in AI and how to overcome them


  • Understand the potential of generative AI for your daily work
  • Concrete Use cases which are directly applicable
  • Limits and risks of generative AI (biases & stereotypes)
  • Making your training more engaging with the help of AI

Training Methods:

  • Learning, based on concrete Use Cases
  • Interactive exploration of AI tools

Target Audience:

  • Trainers, Educators, Coaches and Consultants in the field of DEI and Intercultural Communication who want to learn about the potentials and limitations of generative AI for their business.

About the Trainer

Dr Stephan Ruppert is a certified Intercultural Trainer and moderator with a focus on Asian cultures. He is a lecturer for Intercultural business communication at the University for Applied Science in Hamburg (HAW) and different Chinese Universities.

Stephan has a PhD in Chemistry and worked for 24 years as an R&D manager in a global cosmetic company. He established an R&D Centre in Wuhan, China and worked with international teams for global cosmetic brands.

His fascination for new technologies led him to explore generative AI tools like Chat GPT and Midjourney from the very start. He designed a specific training program tailored for trainers, coaches, and educators which has been running successfully since June 2023 and consults different training agencies on how to implement generative AI effectively.

Stephan Ruppert leads the AI working group in SIETAR Germany, which aims to understand the potentials, risks and limitations of AI and to develop solutions for Interculturalists.

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