Psychological Safety and Emotional Wellbeing Strategies To Increase Your Competence as a Trainer

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Psychological Safety and Emotional Wellbeing Strategies To Increase Your Competence as a Trainer

Duration of the course

9 hours

Course Content

Learn how to incorporate psychological safety and psychological wellbeing into your personal and
professional life as a trainer. In this course, we’ll review some of the concepts around psychological
safety, understanding what it is, its relationship to vulnerability, why it’s important for learning and
innovation, and how to increase it in yourself and others. We’ll also review concepts around
psychological wellbeing, exploring different strategies Positive Psychology can offer a trainer in order to
better prepare for and manage sessions, lead your emotional experience to lead others’, increase your
ability to adapt to change through resilience and optimism, prevent burnout and deal with Impostor
Syndrome and Survivor’s Guilt.

We will explore these concepts through experiential learning and practice strategies that you can apply in
your personal life and when working as a trainer or a consultant in a wide variety of contexts.


  • Develop a deeper understanding of the concept and strategies around Psychological Safety. What it is,
    why it is important to learning and innovation, it’s relationship to vulnerability and how to increase it in
    yourself and others.
  • Learn how to incorporate concepts and strategies around Emotional Wellbeing to your personal and
    professional life as a trainer: increasing your self-awareness, leading your emotional experience,
    managing anxiety and dealing with psychological barriers like impostor syndrome and survivor’s guilt.
  • Develop Emotional Wellbeing practices based on Positive Psychology that can increase your
    competence as a trainer or consultant in a variety of contexts, boosting your authenticity, resilience,
    optimism and relationship building skills.

Training methods

  • Experiential learning based on Kolb’s wheel on deep learning. Come prepared to experience, reflect,
    conceptualize, and apply what you’ve learned.
  • Training methods will include readings, self-awareness questionnaires, journaling, discussions and
    individual and group exercises.

About the Instructor

Claudia Issa

Claudia Issa Photo
Linkedin Profile

I’m committed to helping other’s develop their Intercultural Competence, Emotional Wellbeing and
Inclusive Intelligence. That’s how I believe I can offer my most powerful contribution to a world where we
can all be better, together.

Trainer and Consultant on Intercultural Competence, Emotional Intelligence (Positive Psychology) and
Diversity & Inclusion. I have over 15 years’ experience in working with individuals and corporate
organizations to help them effectively manage their personal, professional and intercultural challenges.
Psychologist and European-certified Psychotherapist (European Federation of Psychologists’
Association), I run a practice specialized in the needs of the expat community.
University Professor on Psychology, Intercultural Communication and Cross-Cultural Management. I’ve
taught successful experiential courses for more than 12 years, with students from 20+ nationalities.
My educational background includes Master Degrees in (1) Clinical and Community Psychology, (2)
Psychotherapy and (3) Group Analysis, plus a (4) Postgraduate Degree in Intercultural Psychological
Interventions with Migrants. I’ve been recognized as an International Leader by the USA’s Department of
State and I’m Regional Coordinator in Barcelona for SIETAR Spain (Society for Intercultural Education,
Training and Research). Venezuelan-born with Lebanese grandparents, Italian husband, and Spanish
children, I’m lucky to live in Barcelona, the city that welcomed me 10 years ago.

Course Level


Total Length

9 Hours


21, 23, 28 July


4:00 pm to
7:00 pm CEST

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