The Mindfuck, where cultural intelligence and leadership meet

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The Mindfuck, where cultural intelligence and leadership meet

Duration of the course

9 hours

Course Content

The Mindfuck is for brave individuals, leaders and organizations or for those who need a bit of bravery. It
is where Cultural Intelligence and Leadership meet and mix to help you:

  • Develop x-ray glasses into your culture and that of others
  • Reduce frustration and conflict and create more headspace
  • Shift the narrative from “what I accomplish is all that matters” to “it’s not only what I accomplish but how I do it that matters”
  • Build trust and psychological safety
  • Respond instead of reacting
  • Increase co-creation and conscious action
  • Lead by design and not default

This 9-hours course goes beyond awareness and gives you the tangible tools to expand your life, your cultural lens and your leadership – so that you can manage life instead of being managed by life.

The Mindfuck focuses on mastering your inner game in both Cultural Intelligence and Leadership so that you can master your outer game in life and work. In this course we’ll learn and play with our assumptions, unspoken beliefs and values and patterns of behaving, thinking and believing – our own autopilot and paradigms. You will learn how to see and manage your own and your organization’s cultural autopilot and paradigms as well as the tools to explore that of other organizations and individuals.

This course offers an array of tools to help manage cross-cultural situations as well as manage your mindset and emotions. The content balances being provocative and playful.


  • Develop x-ray glasses: to identify and use appropriate tools to examine your own culture and identify and use appropriate tools to examine other cultures
  • Respond versus react: better unpack and approach misunderstanding and conflict both in the moment and after the fact.
  • Shift from What to Why and How: learn to see beyond what others do and understand the deeper why instead – leading to more curiosity, trust and understanding
  • Better see and use the diversity in their lives, teams and organizations for innovation, co-creation and conscious action

Training methods

We’ll be doing cycles of experiencing, unpacking/reflecting and then practising tools.

  • Facilitation: participants will be doing most of the talking during sessions through activities and key questions
  • Exploration and reflection: both in session and between modules participants will be exploring concepts together, doing life-related intermodular work (always with a focus on exploration and reflection).
  • Playshop: sessions use humour, activities/games and a sense of playfulness to help make deeper content easier to manage, to bring learning to live and make lessons stick.

About the Instructor

Shiva Roofeh

Shiva Roofeh
Linkedin Profile

Curious rebel: be bold, do good work, develop people not roles.

Shiva is a kick-ass facilitator/educator and designer with 10+ years of experience in corporate education
specializing in Cultural Intelligence and Leadership both grounded in the idea of being human. She has
designed and delivered transformative learning and development programs, workshops, talks and
masterclasses for clients across the globe including Novartis, Slalom, Unilever, Accenture, Generali, Rolls
Royce, Samsung, BASF, Gestamp, ABN AMRO, CHEP, The Red Cross, Nationale Nederlanden and Roche.
She most recently gave a talk at TEDxIE on Power.

She has a degree in History from the University of Massachusetts – Amherst and a Certificate in Hispanic
Studies from the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Spain.

She was born in Iran to Muslim and Jewish parents. At four her family left as refugees, moved to Italy
and eventually settled in Queens, New York City where she was raised. Until now she has lived in eight
cities across six countries and has spent the past decade living in Spain.

Course Level


Total Length

9 Hours


24, 28, 30 July


5:00 pm to
8:00 pm CEST

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