Uncommon Mindset – Why growth mindset without ICQ is just wishful thinking?

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Uncommon Mindset – Why growth mindset without ICQ is just wishful thinking?

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6 hours

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Most people go to work they cannot stand to fund a life they don’t love. Friction with people who think
and behave differently drives them crazy and friction with themselves drains them to the point where
they would rather be distracted by anything than take responsibility for their own growth.

Growth mindset and positive thinking are useful, however this course has a very different take on the
topic. It is interactive, practical, uncomplicated and full of tools and insights you can immediately apply
on an individual and team level.

The more you understand yourself and others, the more you can achieve with the same amount of
energy and time, not a bad deal, hey?


  • The ability to see the same situation from different perspectives
  • Discovering the 7 reasons why we sabotage ourselves and clash with others
  • Becoming part of a community dedicated to leveling up

Training methods

  • Global DISC and saboteur assessment
  • Interactive, live workshop
  • Interactive learning platform

About the Instructor

Csaba Toth

Csaba Toth
Linkedin Profile

Once you replace the illusion of superiority and separation with the power of curiosity and collaboration,
suddenly life makes much more sense.

Csaba is a British/Hungarian entrepreneur, researcher, author and speaker based in the UK.
He is founder of ICQ Global, a people development organisation with licensed partners in 30 countries.
Csaba is the developer of the multi award-winning Global DISC model and the best-selling author of the
Uncommon Sense in Unusual Times hybrid book published with Marshall Goldsmith.
He holds 3 Master’s degrees from 3 countries and he is also certified in several leadership, behavioural
and intercultural models. Csaba has 15 years of experience in setting up start-ups, working with Fortune
500 companies, government agencies, entrepreneurs and certifying over 60 coaches and consultants
globally to help their clients turn diversity into synergy instead of painful liability.

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Total Length

6 Hours


23, 28 July


12:00 pm to
3:00 pm CEST

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